About Me

My name is Shel Mitchell and I am a bookkeeper living in beautiful Durango, Colorado.

Let me start with a confession…

I did not grow up with dreams of becoming a corporate accountant or even owning my own bookkeeping company for that matter, but after almost 15 years of sitting behind a desk I found that something was missing. I really missed interacting with people and getting to know them on a more personal level. So then I began wondering, how could I change things up and add that missing piece to my life?  Then it hit me.  Why not start a bookkeeping business, since I know I love working with people and obviously love numbers.

So in 2017, I started Down to Earth Accounting and decided that I wanted to break the “Bean Counter” stigma by taking a different approach to how bookkeeping is handled.

I decided I wanted to focus on building relationships, understanding each client’s needs and offer the best accounting solutions on the market. The idea is simple – I want your business to grow because what is good for your business is good for mine.

Work with me.

You get a trustworthy, reliable partner when you collaborate with Down to Earth Accounting.

Make bookkeeping your ally (not a headache)
Get back to doing what you love
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