Why Down to Earth?

Your business has to be agile, flexible and smart to thrive.
But how can it get there if your bookkeeping doesn’t give you a strong foundation?
Bookkeeping on your time. 
And your terms.
My services and the best cloud-based accounting software on the market are the reliable, down-to-earth ally you need for your success. Here’s why:
I Listen.
And I Care.

My first priority is understanding where you need support in order to reach those goals. With a careful intake process and years of experience, I become the bookkeeper who believes in your business, and in you.

You Stay
in Control

Stuck in a DMV line? Waiting for a flight? Shuttling between work and family? No worries. As long as you have internet service, you can log in and keep on top of your finances. You always know how you’re doing in real-time.

You Save

Using a cloud-based service means that you can pay for exactly what you need and no more. (Goodbye exorbitant bill from the IT guy!)

You Get
Paid Faster

With online invoices, online payments, and reminders for quicker payments, you get a predictable cash flow — that you can turn into a cash flood.

Your Information
Is Secure

Life happens, and sometimes life “happens” to our computers. But with us, your data is always safe on the cloud. Plus, I can set up data encryption and two-step authentication processes so all your information stays secure.

Is A Breeze

You don’t need expensive services, separate software packages, or laborious security updates. I’m your one-stop shop for a seamless, cutting edge, and affordable bookkeeping system that you can simply use (not constantly update!).


Rest easy knowing that I am fully certified with the industry’s best cloud-based accounting software available. Let me worry about the technical stuff so you don’t need to.

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Work with me.

You get a trustworthy, reliable partner when you collaborate with Down to Earth Accounting.

Make bookkeeping your ally (not a headache)
Get back to doing what you love
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